US Attorney Speculates Online Gambling Could Fund Terrorists

Missouri's US attorney Catherine Hanaway has warned that the government should be more vigilant on monitoring where the wagers coming from the online gambling bettors in the US end up going.

"We need to check it is not being used for money laundering, drug financing or terrorism. Because it's flowing out of the country in an unregulated way, we simply don't know the ultimate destination," Hanaway said.

Prior to being given the US attorney's job, Hanaway, 42, ran former president George Bush's presidential campaign in Missouri. She is also known for making the attempt to put the Ten Commandments in every classroom.

Following the arrest of the BetonSports chief executive, Hanaway said that the company's practice of taking bets from Americans on their online gambling site caused an unacceptable flow of money outside of the United States.

"This is a very large amount of money flowing on an unregulated basis out of the US. Any time that much money's flowing outside the US, there are concerns about its destination. Under US laws, legitimate large flows of money are required to be subject to suspicious activity reports," the attorney said.

Hanaway, however, also insisted that she is far from being a "way-out conservative".

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US Attorney Speculates Online Gambling Could Fund Terrorists

Missouris US attorney Catherine Hanaway warns the government that the wagers coming from online bettors may be used to fund terrorists activities. Hanaway was known to have pushed for the Ten Commandments to be inside every classroom in previous efforts. [read more]

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