Kiwi Casino Gives Away Over $70,000 to Five Players.

Kiwi Casino, a member of the Kiwi Gaming ( family an independent off shore operation that is part of the land based Christchurch Casinos Group, gave away $70,000 to five players in one week this May.

Kiwi Casino Previously have launched brand new live games which feature real people dealing at the tables via a live video feed. To celebrate Kiwi Casino Management gave away exciting promotional prizes such as 60GB iPod with video playback and two 4GB iPod Nanos. The games offered in this brand new live format include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo.

In May 2006, after only an hour of joining kiwi casino, Bret, from Missouri, won $30,000 from playing Let 'em Ride only a day after another Kiwi Casino player netted $23,770 playing the Fruitmania, and only days after another player won $7,000 playing Video Poker. Two more players at Kiwi Casino earned a further $12,000 the very next day then joined Bret and the two earlier winners amounting to a total of $70. 000. "Kiwi is the real deal! I hit a $30,000 Royal Flush on Let It Ride! They rock!" Said Bret from Missouri.

Online casinos are getting more and more popular these days, which attracts casino and gambling addicts, even though online gambling is not legal in most places in the world. Despite the fact that it's illegal, those who can't afford to go to casinos patronize online casinos. That is one reason why the number of online casino games at Kiwi Casino has increased, with the inclusion of these new games to over eighty, and lived up to Kiwi Casino's commitment for 2006 to release more new games such as Blackjack, Tequila Poker and live gaming. Since Christchurch Casinos established its online gaming arm five years ago, Kiwi Gaming has a built a reputation as one of the finest e-gaming operations in the industry today. Kiwi Gaming's five years online make it one of the industry's pioneers.

With these latest and advancing innovations in casino and online gambling it had given a greater ratio of probability for more players to win big bucks in famous casino suites and even at home whether it is Blackjack, Roulette, or poker or any game available online.Players are free to choose their references in either which place and ways they are going to play their favorite game.

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Kiwi Casino Gives Away Over $70,000 to Five Players.

The kiwi casino launched a live game, that feature real people dealing at tables via video feed. In a few weeks after its lauching five winners walked away with big bucks amounting to a total of $70, 000. The live game included blackjack. [read more]